Pension Administration

Pension Administration

Putting our knowledge to work for you

ACG Associates, Inc.’s consultants will always listen, always ask questions, always take detailed notes, and most importantly, create a two-way dialogue that ensures you are in the loop for everything.  After all, it is your money, and it is your plan.  We don’t strive to impress with highly technical terms or fancy language.  We strive for a clear understanding and explain things in simple terms.

Once enough information has been gathered, a proper course of action will be proposed to you.

Plan anniversary services:


•  Actuarial valuation and certification

•  Account record keeping

•  Determination of maximum contribution

•  Allocation of contribution among participants

•  Calculation and application of forfeitures

•  Production of individual participant statements

•  Annual report for employer to review

Comfort in your plan

We enjoy being able to instill a feeling of satisfaction and comfort with the design, operation, and maintenance of your plan.  ACG Associates, Inc.’s annual service work relieves you of worry over the operation of your plan.

How we are compensated

By the assignment:  For particular anniversary or other services as agreed upon in a plan services agreement.

By the hour:  Billing rates, that vary by staff person, will be applied as requested work is completed.  Full accounting for hours worked and jobs done will be rendered.