Actuarial Plans

Actuarial Plans

Full-time enrolled actuary on staff

ACG Associates, Inc. is one of the few retirement plan design and administration firms in the state of Connecticut employing a full-time enrolled actuary licensed by the federal government.

ACG Associates, Inc.’s Enrolled Actuary prepares reports for the IRS every year, certifying that retirement plan contributions meet minimum funding standards.  A well-versed actuary will be able to evaluate what will happen in the future.

Managing risk is not a simple task, so don’t leave your financial decisions to an experienced actuary.  Turn to ACG Associates, Inc.

Trained, seasoned professionals

Trained in actuarial science, an actuary uses mathematical equations along with assumptions and probabilities to predict long-range costs of any retirement plan.

Enrolled actuary

Only an enrolled actuary can ensure that the proper amount of money is being placed into the retirement plan, and the assumptions used to calculate the amount that goes into the plan are reasonable and appropriate.

Everything you need

Whether you need a valuation report, certification, determination of actuarial present values, future liabilities forecasting, or benefit projections, ACG Associates, Inc.’s dedicated actuaries can provide for you.